Tea Tips | Wild Meadows Tea

  • What time is tea time?

    Tea time is observed around four in England, but the British drink tea all day and so should you!

  • Will tea help my anxiety?

    Switching from coffee to tea will help with your anxiety and your sleep schedule. Coffee is a much stronger stimulant than tea and unlike tea, its consumption has been linked to anxiety attacks and lower levels of serotonin.

  • Why buy loose leaf tea?

    Along with being more environmentally friendly, Loose leaf teas are of higher quality compared to the tea shavings that go into teabags.

  • What makes your herbal tea blends red?

    The ingredients responsible is hibiscus, many people use antioxidant-rich hibiscus teas like ours to support weight loss.

  • Does herbal tea dehydrate you?

    No, unlike coffee or soda, tea actually counts towards your daily fluid intake!

  • How do I make Iced tea from loose leaf tea?

    For iced tea, we recommend two tablespoons of tea per cup of hot water then strain it into ice after it is done steeping.

  • What temperature should I steep green tea at?

    When brewing our loose leaf green tea, we recommend 180°F.

  • How long does it take to steep black tea?

    For our blends of tea, four minutes. The time varies greatly from brand to brand because it depends on the size of the tea leaves, so be on the lookout while tea shopping.

  • Is green tea caffeine free?

    Green tea is also a true tea so it does have caffeine, but not as much as black tea.

  • Does black tea have caffeine in it?

    Yes black tea is a true tea, so it is caffeinated.

  • Can your tea be iced?

    Some of our teas are at their very best when you ice them.

  • What is loose leaf tea?

    Loose leaf tea is the term for tea that is steeped without a bag. This way of brewing tea produces a more pronounced aroma by allowing the tea leaves to expand fully and release their flavor compounds.

  • How do Green tea and Matcha compare?

    The same plant is used when producing green tea and matcha tea. The main difference is that the whole plant is consumed when drinking matcha rather than just the steeped and strained green tea.

  • Is loose leaf tea more environmentally friendly?

    Definitely, yes, did you know that most tea bags are unable to be composted?

  • Can loose leaf tea go bad?

    Loose leaf tea lasts indefinitely and does not become dangerous over time, but will lose flavor if stored improperly.

  • Do herbal teas have caffeine?

    No they do not. Our kids line is all herbal tea that can be enjoyed right before bedtime.

  • How long is loose leaf tea good for?

    Up to two years without a flavor impact!